Felt Exhibition – work by Joanna Kidney


If you are in Dublin between now and 24 November you should go to see an exhibition of our members, Joanna Kidney. She works with felt in a unique and imaginative way.

Joanna Kidney Dig, Undig, redig

Dig, undig, redig, Joanna Kidney,

RHA Atrium, 5 Sept-24 Nov.

Drawing plays a central role in Joanna Kidney’s practice. It is drawing’s inherent characteristics; immediacy, open endedness, spontaneity, technical diversity and rawness, that pull Kidney back again and again to make drawing based work. Dig, undig, redig focuses on the expansion of drawing in a space. It presents two works: Everything and everywhere, a wall based assemblage comprised of over a thousand felt forms and monotypes on paper and Naveander, a linear, constructed drawing utilising corner, wall and floor.


An intuitive engagement with the material and process of felt, the oldest form of fabric known to mankind, is fundamental to this work. Notions of the relationship between…

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