Shih Chi-Yao    POTTERY    TAIWAN

Of education and experience: Taichung, Taiwan, Taichung, Taiwan, Japan’s Waseda University, graduated from the Law Department of Waseda University International Student Association authorities Chi publisher and editor-in-chief of the „Waseda English school founder Waseda Education Corp. founder
Shiji Yao of feldspar Tao is Shino, Obsidian, blue for the three spindle. To most of his works begin with hand twist and hand pottery plate, so very time consuming and labor, the firing time is 48-72 hours, during which must be constantly adjusted according to the sintering temperature reducing atmosphere. In order to increase the feldspar dampening You a qualitative change of hundreds of specimens continue to proceed with the experiment, and firing dozens of kinds of You type.

Shino for of a Qiduan, „of Kato Tang Jiulang Shino“ is a goal forever, the Shino unique „infestation“ and red slightly, revealed from the depths of…

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